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Do We Dress For Other People Or Ourselves?

April 09, 2021

For the past 12 months we have, for the most part, been dressing for only ourselves. Aside from the waist-up zoom dressing, the only thing we needed to consider is how we wanted to feel that day.

But as we are on the precipice of freedom and we start to see our calendar open up to real life social and work interactions, it got me thinking…

🤔 Who do we REALLY dress for?

Does dressing stop being about how we want to feel and start being more about approval? And does that need for approval suppress who we really are and how we express ourselves through our clothes?

My sister, Lauren, recently felt like this. And she puts it in such an erudite way, I wanted to share it with you…

“You know what I thought when I bought that [blue mumsy] dress? Can I tell you what I thought? I’ll buy this dress so I look palatable to family at Christmas time”

There it was. I bought this dress to fit in.

I bought this dress to continue to play the good girl next door that [my Husband] had married even though I’ve changed since we got together almost 20 years ago.

I practically wanted to rip that good girl dress off right there on the street.

I felt stale. It was symbolic of how I’d betrayed myself and my fullest expression”.

When we dress to express who we are, the biggest transformation is not what happens on the outside but it has a huge impact on the things that really matter; how we think, feel and behave and how others respond to us. Our magnetism.

🌟 3 reasons why you should dress to communicate your authenticity

1. It’s Practical

You can focus on what is important not worrying about whether you are good enough

2. It’s Empowering

You can stop fighting and share your true self

3. It’s Joyful

When you look good and feel confident, you become a magnet for other people

✏️ What to do next…

So go now to your wardrobe and remove those items that make you feel less than you are.

But before you donate/sell/recycle them, thank them for showing you what you no longer are and thank them for firing up your conviction to always express yourself authentically.

No more compromise.

You’ve got this!


P.S. Yes, there are going to be situations where we need to marry authenticity with appropriateness. My bohemian clients are not going to go to work barefoot in diaphanous printed dresses when they work as a lawyer. But they know how to express their true selves through nuances in their work clothing so they not only feel like themselves but they feel motivated and focused. If you want to start expressing your true self through your style and don’t know where to start get in touch. I have the road map that will get you there.

P.P.S The Secrets Women Keep is a new podcast hosted by none other than my sister, Lauren. It is honest, vulnerable and relevant.Listen here. 

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