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How To Edit Your Wardrobe [The Right Way]

May 08, 2021

​The weather may not feel like Spring but I know from the amount of you that I have booked in over the next few weeks and months, that you are all ready to dress like it is! 

So in anticipation of you hitting the shop floor, I wanted to give you the step – by – step process I use for my clients when editing their wardrobes and putting together a targeted shopping list. 

🌟 My golden rule; you cannot shop successfully unless you understand what you need in your wardrobe to make dressing for your real life easy. So make a list (and check it twice). 

How to edit your wardrobe the RIGHT way. 

📲 Grab your phone, some safely pins, your favourite drink and put on your favourite playlist and let’s go…

If you regularly edit your wardrobe ie twice a year, you go to the top of the class! Skip the first 4 steps and start at step 5. 

Step 1. Take all your clothes out and give your wardrobe a clean (you’ll be surprised at how much dust gathers and no-one wants to put on clothes that are dirty or dusty)

Step 2. Divide into these 3 piles;

Keepers: the clothes you love and wear (at this point keep the ‘maybes’ in this pile too)

Ditchers: the clothes that are worn out, stained etc and anything not your style anymore (don’t get emotional at this point, guilt is a wasted emotion). 

Fixers: the clothes that need taking up, mended or altered in anyway. At this point just put a safety pin somewhere visible so you can remember they need altering. 

Step 3. Remove the Ditchers and dispose responsibly or sell. 

Step 4. Divide the rest of the items into seasons and store away out of season items.You only want to be looking at clothes hanging in your wardrobe that you can actually wear now! Re-hang or store away cocktail or evening pieces. 

Step 5. Divide your Keepers and Fixers into these 2 groups;

WEAR: the items you love to wear or wear most often (this is usually your fundamentals; those items that form the foundation of your outfits that you depend on e.g. jeans, jackets, nice blouses etc)

HOW: the items you like but rarely wear and want to work out ‘how’ to wear them or items that are a ‘maybe’

Step 6. Grab your phone; it’s outfit building time. Mix the ‘wear’ pile with the ‘how’ pile and build as many outfits as you can!  Photograph successful outfits and save them in a designated and easily accessible place (my clients use my brilliant online wardrobe system)

🌟 TOP TIP Don’t forget to outfit with shoes, shoes make or break an outfit!

Step 7.  Build your shopping list. If you can’t create full outfits because some pieces are missing add them to your shopping list. For example, you have a dress you love but no appropriate shoes. Or you have a skirt that only goes with 1 or 2 tops. Think of what other tops you can get in the future that will go with that skirt and some other bottoms in your wardrobe.

🌟 TOP TIP: Don’t buy lots of items to make something work that you don’t really love or doesn’t really work for your lifestyle! You are waisting your money!

Step 8. Time to reassess… 

… those items that you wanted to alter, did you actually use them to make outfits? If not, then put them in the ditchers pile

… those items on the maybe list, did you actually use them to make outfits you love? If not then put them in the ditchers pile

… do you still feel like you have too many clothes? Make sure you have worked out how many outfits you actually need using my free guide

Step 9. Re-hang it all. I hang by item/type/colour 

Step 10. Refill that drink!!! You deserve it. Not only do you have a much more organised wardrobe, you also have a selection of outfit photos to make getting dressed so much easier. 

When you have a well-organised wardrobe where you can see everything you have, getting dressed will feel effortless and will get rid of choice fatigue. 


P.S. I love it when you respond to my newsletters! If there is something you want me to write about then I would love to hear from you. 

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