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Forget Smart Casual It’s All About Relaxed Impact

September 21, 2021

​I think it is an understatement to say that our new lifestyles are having a huge impact on the way we dress and how we want to feel in our clothes. I feel so removed from how I wanted to dress this time two years ago, I feel like I am rediscovering my style and refocusing my wardrobe. My very romantic pieces with intricate detailing don’t feel as relevant when I am craving chilled, modern femininity. 

Forget smart casual, it’s all about doing relaxed impact. I’m looking for cool ways to ease myself back into effortless clothes for real life situations.

I lived in a pair of cashmere wide leg trouser from Vince during lockdown. And although I almost find it hard to wear them now they have that association, I do know that that silhouette feels so right.

➡️ A pair of wide leg trousers doesn’t feel like a huge leap psychologically from trackie pants or pyjama bottoms but feels and looks infinitely more polished and intentional. And there are plenty in the stores. And they are appropriate for this changeable British weather! They have a buy now, wear now guarantee.

I know how desperate you are for colour right now (I am too!) so try a style in a brighter hue. Experimenting with colour away from your face doesn’t feel as intimidating.

I have been loving my wide leg from Dodo Bar Or and have my eye on a Tibi pair for a more casual vibe. But the highstreet also has a brilliant selection.

And I don’t want to hear you say that you can’t do a wide leg trousers if you are petite… yeah, I know what you were thinking! Just opt for a flat fronted version that isn’t super wide.

👖Not ready for the wide leg trouser? Try a denim version. Now that ‘summer’ is here, give your skinny jeans a break… they need it and you deserve it!

🌟 You can see my favourites here.

✅ Remember to pair them back with a slimmer top to create balance.

Penny x

P.S. If you feel like your style needs some realignment, we know how to move your style forward and to help you build a satisfying wardrobe. Get in touch now

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