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Why you will never hear me say ‘age appropriate’

June 09, 2021

There are many things we need to take into consideration when dressing….


…style preference



…what we love to highlight and what we like to disguise


But age is not one of them.

Yes, our bodies change as we get older and we need to be sensitive to that when we are dressing. Our priorities will change in terms of what we feel comfortable highlighting and what we want to disguise. But this is NOT age specific as we all have different genetics.

…My client who is in her late 50s and a pilates instructor, has better arms than me! Am I going to say to her that she needs to have her arms covered now she is almost 60… hell no!!

…Am I going to tell my 62 year old client with the longest legs you have ever seen to stop wearing leather leggings and an oversized knit? Of course not.

…And you wouldn’t think a sheer bodysuit would be ‘age appropriate’ for a 58 year old but no-one can deny how amazing Paulina Porizkov looks on the front cover of Czech Vogue. (Unfortunately she is not my client 😉)

🌟 When a client says that she wants to look age appropriate, actually what she means is that she wants to make the most of her body and feel modern.

Looking modern means that you are present and in the moment… alive! That you have a curiosity for life and that you value evolution.

And this ISN’T about always buying new clothes and wearing the latest trend. This can be something as simple as how you combine items, how you re-think a dress as a skirt, the way you have tied something, they way you have layered.

🛑 Stop thinking about your style in terms of age. Start thinking about what feels modern to you now for where you are in your life journey.

🙅🏼‍♀️Because there is nothing more ageing than wearing something old, worn out and dated.


Step 1. Who are you and how do you want to feel in what you wear? Give me three words

Step 2. What does this look like visually? Put together an inspiration board on Pinterest

Step 3. Get playful in your own wardrobe. Can you layer your jewellery in a new way? Can you wear something casual with something dressy and flip an item on its head?

Let me know how you get on!

Penny x

P.S. Next week I am going to get you more familiar with the amazing stylists I have working with me. No matter what your location and budget we can help you feel modern and fabulous. Find out how by clicking here

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Photo Credit: Accidental Icon

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