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Meet My New Stylist Nadyia!

June 09, 2021

Penny Bennett Style Consultancy is growing!

With so many people ready to invest in themselves, to prioritise their image, get themselves out of a rut and emerge from lockdown better dressed, I’ve taken on a new Stylist.

Nadyia and I have known each other for years and having previously worked with her, I knew her process and philosophy was well aligned with mine and I am delighted she is joining Sophia and I.

So you could get to know her better, we sat down to chat about her life working with fashion.

P: What is your first fashion memory?

N: Well, my mum was a model, so I spent a good part of my youth seeing her on stages in the most incredible outfits……this is probably my first memory…

P: Wow, what an incredible way to hurled into the world of fashion!
So that must have made a very big impression and influence on you?

N: With me attending fashion shows very early on in life, the actual love of fashion started when I began observing the couture outfits themselves, not just my mum and the other models.

P: So you were able to develop your eye for constructions and detail which is incredible. So does that mean that you have never made any mistakes?

N: The worst fashion mistake I ever made is The 90’s – the whole of the 90’s

P: Ha ha!!! I don’t know if I believe you! Well you are younger than me but I really felt like I developed a strong sense of my own style in the 90s… In fact there is a Carla Zampatti dress I wore in 1996 that I have been dreaming about. I wonder if my Mum still has it in storage?

I know that your Mum had a huge influence on you but who else do you idolise?

N: The first person to really catch my eye, was Katherine Hepburn. I loved, and still love her play on androgynous fashion – she was so ahead her time.

P: Oh god, she really was. Whenever I get swept up in the idea of a trend I often ask myself, “what would Katherine say?”.
What is the best style advice you’ve ever been given?

N: It was actually something that I read about Coco Chanel, ‘When putting on accessories, take off the last thing you’ve put on..’ Basically, less really is more.

P: When it comes to building our wardrobes, that is definitely what we stand for. Now, I know you are good at finding value for money so what is your best bargain purchase?

N: My wedding shoes from Vestiaire – brand new Cream, 1940’s inspired strappy sandals by Chanel

P: I really can’t wait to see those! And such a good investment. Speaking of which what was your first designer purchase?

N: A timeless designer bag, I still use it now!

P: What other items in your wardrobe do you get lots of wear out of?

N: Grenson Nanette boots – they go with everything!

P: I do love wearing boots too, so practical. But when you are not being practical what do you really like to splash out on?

N: Jewelry haha – The only sparkly items I like.

P: You never regret buying jewellery do you?! Are there any purchases you do regret?

N: The one that sits in the wardrobe unused – thats a big regret for me (could have spent or put the money to something that I loved).

P: Yes and for me these are usually those trend pieces which I buy on a whim!

N: Exactly. my shopping philosophy is focus first on high quality timeless investment pieces – items that are less likely to fit into here and now fashion. Fast fashion quickly spirals out of control in a wardrobe.

Also….Never shop when you are sad…..its like food shopping on an empty stomach!

P: You obviously have a very good handle on your wardrobe but if you could swap wardrobes with someone who would it be?

N: Solange, she’s not afraid of being creative with fabrics / textures and colours – she makes her style look effortless.

P: Hell yes! I love her. And Tracee Ellis Ross… they have that same knack for making something couture like feel easy and accessible.

P: What about if you need a confidence boost?

N: I add a red lip!

P: You will have to send me your favourite ones!

Thanks, Nadyia. So glad to have you as part of the team!

Book in with Nadyia here

And if you are limited by location, Sophia is available for all your virtual wardrobe needs.

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