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Making Mistakes Will Give You Better Style… Here’s How

September 28, 2021

Mistakes lead to better style… 

Mistakes excite me…

Case in point a dress I bought in the sale 2 months ago from Michael Kors.

When I saw this dress, I loved it, beautiful and well crafted. But when I went to put it on one night, I didn’t feel like me …even after trying different shoes, jewellery and hair looks. Still no.

The problem was I liked it visually even emotionally… that idea of carefree bohemian sentiment…love it.

This is the thing…

🌟 The way you feel when you look at an item on a hanger or even on someone else is not the way you will feel when you have it on your own skin. Because it is possible to like things on the rail but not like that style when it is on your body.

Yes, I have waisted that money. But if you take the time to understand WHY something doesn’t work then it will stop you from waisting even MORE money and ultimately give you better style.

That excites me!


1. Go back and look at three photos of you when you look and FEEL your best

2. What are the colours, silhouettes and details like?

For me I feel my best when I am wearing something feminine and romantic but ultimately, modern. Not too fussy or frilly. White (always) and colour but with cleaner lines.

3. Go back to your three Style Words: mine are romantic, modern, effortless.

Did that Michael Kors dress fit with my style…no… too bohemian, too many details, not relaxed.

So when you know your style and you know you and how you want to feel, you can figure out the difference between what you like visually and what will make you feel like you. This is game changing.

Click here to see what I like Visually but what I will actually wear.

What are your three style words?


P.S. This is inspired by a newsletter I received from my sister, and Personal Mentor and Confidante, Lauren White entitled ‘Why Rejection Excites Me’. ​

Speaking of my sister…Have you listened to her amazing Podcast ‘The Secrets Women Keep‘? Listen to my special guest appearance when I talk about the Secrets to Exceptional Style.

Grab a coffee, click here, listen and sip ☕️

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