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Why do some people look better in clothes than others [And it’s nothing to do with size]

October 05, 2021

I want a show of hands…

Who has scrolled through Instagram and seen something on an influencer that you own but somehow they seem to look better in it than you…??


Who has seen someone wear something and wish that they could wear it so effortlessly too…??

🙋‍♀️ Yep. Me.

Q: Why can someone wear it so well and you feel you can’t? 
Q: Why do you think they are working it and you don’t?

A: What it comes down to is confidence

A: And knowing yourself

⭐️ It comes down to the psychology of dressing and how you feel about yourself and that connection between who you are as a person and what you put on your body to communicate that.


1. If you want to wear something start with that head space that you want to wear it and that you CAN wear it

2. And then do you actually feel good in it.. and you will or you won’t. If you don’t, you then appreciate it on others and move on.

3. If you take a picture of yourself and you look exactly like person but you don’t feel quite right, you need to dig deeper… why?

4. Work out how to style it. It may take some time (this could be weeks).

5. Take a pic and step away from it for a week

6. Revisit it and if you can look at it objectively and think… that looks good. That’s good.

Your eye adjusts and there are reasons why you might like something and then not or vice versa.

Like sweat pants… I would have never bought designer sweat pants 2 years ago. But guess what… now I have.

It is your clothing, it is your life, life is short. Enjoy it in clothes YOU enjoy!

Have you bought something recently that you never thought you would and you are loving it??

Penny x

P.S. If you need help reconnecting with your style and confidence, then Nadyia, Sophia and I would love to help.  Fill in the questionnaire here and we will call you to find out more about you and how we can help. ​

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photo credit: Grazia

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