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5 {Simple} Wardrobe Resolutions To Transform Your Style

January 24, 2022

​And just like that, January is almost over (if you are based the northern hemisphere, I’m sure that gets a resounding cheer! 🎉)

The start of this year felt so sudden and I am only now getting around to making time to assess my own sartorial choices for 2022. ​

My goals for my wardrobe this year are very much inspired by what I want for my members of the My Wearable Wardrobe Style Club launching 22.02.22

🙋‍♀️ [if your missed your invitation to the Style Club you can get it here]

My wardrobe goals to live by.

1. Shop my wardrobe [even] more

The excitement of being back in the world last year, lead to me to shop more than usual. I’ve got a solid foundation of wearables and hero items but I always slip back into wearing things the same way. I want to refresh my old pieces with some of my new additions and get back to my 20 minute Sunday evening styling sessions. Schedule this in your diary. Scheduling makes it real. 

2. Make my life more effortless (but with Style)

I want to really hone in on those pieces that can transition easily from 9am school run to 9pm dinners. Buying clothes for the life I actually live. Having great foundation pieces that are wearable makes the act of getting dressed day in, day out more joyous.

3. Be inspired

The inspiration you get from wearing something you feel good in and that is inherently you… that is when life becomes interesting and really satisfying. It is critical, no matter what you do for a living. And this isn’t all always about buying something new. But is about newness. And you can get that same buzz from wearing your favourite pair of trousers but styling them in a new way. New but still you, but better. Inspired.

4. Take the time

When I spend time in my wardrobe and go through what I have, I get to know myself better. What am I feeling for and how do I want to show up in the world. It forces me to look for inspiration from within without external distractions. It stops me buying clothes for the wrong reasons because I know what is really going to suit me vs what I appreciate visually

5. Get back to keeping a diary

I found my wardrobe diary under a pile of jewellery boxes untouched for a year. Keeping track keeps you focused and stops impulse buys! Keep this in your wardrobe with a pen and write down items you need and check back in with your list every few weeks. I love reading back on my wish lists as I often realise a few weeks on I don’t really need those items at all. This is one of my favourite hacks for defining and refining your style. Find out more here.

If you are not sure where to start with your wardrobe goals, the My Wearable Wardrobe Style Club will change how you feel about your wardrobe and yourself.

Put 22.02.22 in your diary.

All the juicy details will be revealed soon!!

I cannot wait.


P.S. Thank you for all your emails sharing your excitement about the Style Club. It’s going to be good. Very good. But don’t worry, myself and my team, Nadyia and Sophia are still available for those who need one to one personalised advice. Book a call here.

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