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{INVITATION} The Style Club is Launching! 22.2.22 🎉

January 17, 2022

​Consider this your official invitation. 

I have been teasing it for weeks…

You have the delicious date marked in your diary…22.02.22

I am crazy busy developing, creating and filming…

The My Wearable Wardrobe Style Club is launching on (2)uesday 22nd February 2022!!

I have been keeping this a secret and I am so excited to FINALLY announce it!

❌ Now, this is no generic, cookie cutter approach to perceived wardrobe perfection. No.

✅ This is an online Style Club for women who want to feel like their best self and live in that feeling as much as possible.

Over the course of 12 fabulous months you’ll…

  • Detox your mind about everything you have read/learnt/been told about what clothes you should wear for your body type and really start to identify clothes that suit your style and make you feel good.

  • Have strategies for dressing so you don’t have to think so hard, so choosing what to wear will become fun again

  • Free up your mind so you don’t feel anxious, so you can engage with your wardrobe but not get overwhelmed.

  • Understand yourself and extract and clarify what you want from your wardrobe so you express yourself truly.

  • Feel better about your style, more confident, more at ease.

  • Have ALL the tools you need to ensure you are on the correct style path for YOU (not anyone else).

  • Buy less and buy better and shop with intention and knowledge

Penny…Did I read that correctly…the My Wearable Wardrobe Style Club is 12 months!?!?

Yep. 12 months. And I will tell you why…

Quick fixes don’t work. If COVID has taught us anything, it’s that we need to slow the hell down.

To truly understand yourself and what you need from your wardrobe, you have to take the time and engage.

Because whatever you give energy to you empower.

I want you to consume the video content with thought and intention and give yourself time to understand and practice what you have learnt.

I want you to stay inspired and motivated and do things with meaning.

Your wardrobe and your relationship with it, is a journey not a destination and I want to go on that journey with you. .

Who this is for?

✅ Clothes are not your life but you love fashion or the idea of having a unique style and want to feel your best self when dressing regardless of where you are going and what you are doing.

✅ You are a human being who is curious and patient and cares deeply about the world and those in it while simultaneously appreciating image and the power it can have on your confidence.

✅ You are a self starter who is open to new ways of thinking and likes to have fun along the way!

Who this is not for?

❌ Women who want a quick fix

❌ Women who are passive and don’t want to put effort in

❌ Women who aren’t open to new ways of thinking

❌ Women who don’t want to support other women


The content of the video tutorials, what’s included and the financial investment are all going to be revealed soon.

And don’t worry, because you are already subscribed you will be the first to know how to get on the waitlist.

Let’s make 2022 about YOU!! 

So who’s IN!? 🙋‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏿‍♀️​

Penny x

P.S. And of course I will still be available to support my clients who need my one-to-one attention. And Nadyia and Sophia are also looking forward to working with you this year. Change the way you feel about your wardrobe and Contact us now to start a conversation

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