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The one thing we always forget when it comes to our style

February 03, 2022

I received this feedback last week from a Style Masterclass that I presented…

“It was a great session today, thank you! Lots and lots in the session to think about, but particularly helpful to articulate how you want clothes to make you feel (we forget!) or not to feel”

Laura is right! We do forget! We are busy and lots of things in our life want our attention. And sometimes we forget to give it to the most important thing… ourselves!!

Understanding who we are and how we want to feel in our clothes will give us better style and ultimately makes us happier participants of life.

As Fran Lebowitz said…

“People care more about trends than they do about style. They get so wrapped up in what’s happening that they forget how to dress and they never learn who they are because they never learn how to take care of anything”

This is about us taking the time to spend on ourselves and how we want to feel in our clothes. Getting influenced and inspired by the external but looking for answers and joy from the inside and from what we already have.

I use my style to make me feel something and to reinforce who I am.

I want to feel confident…

I want to feel inspired…

I want to feel approachable…

That’s me and what’s important. When I don’t feel these things I feel off. It’s unsettling and I shy away from opportunities to get noticed.

I want you to stop.

take your time.

relish and enjoy.

That is why the My Wearable Wardrobe Style Club will take you on a style journey over 12 wonderful months. We need to take the time to reconnect, understand, enjoy, have fun!

I want to go on this journey with you. And trust me, you are going to love it!

Waitlist for the Style Club is now open! Thank you to those who have already added themselves to the list, you will be first to know!!

The important date…


All the details, coming soon.

Penny x

P.S. I understand that some of you need one-to-one attention and myself, Nadyia and Sophia are always there for you. Book in a discovery call here and take your style on a fresh trajectory for 2022.

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