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5 More Fashion Rules You Should Break (Because You Asked)

December 06, 2022

The good thing about Instagram is that it allows people to share their authentic style in a relatable and organic way. As an inquisitive participant, seeing what people wear and how they wear it allows us to be inspired, find connection and evolve how we look.

The bad thing about Instagram is everyone has an opinion and they can express it freely. And sometimes I read horrible comments made about people and the way they look…for what?!

🧐 It isn’t just outdated fashion rules that restrict our style but also each others expectations of style and what they do and don’t like (for themselves).

✔️ But if you know yourself really well and you connect with how you want to feel in your clothes and you know what you stand for, then anyone’s negative comments are a reflexion on them and not on you.

❌ You are not going to stop wearing that outfit or change your style on a whim…

…but you can consider the comment, and decide from what you know of yourself, whether you care or not (and I would say ‘not’).

If you feel good in an outfit and you know why, then style ‘rules’ don’t apply. Let them apply to the ones that made them in the first place.

5 MORE rules to start breaking today to extend the outfit potential of items you have sitting in your wardrobe…

1. You should dress for your age

What does this even mean. What you should dress for is your style preference, lifestyle and what makes your heart sing.

✔️ It’s all in the styling. Leather trousers in your twenties: with a ribbed crop top, over sized blazer and a chunky boot….in your 40s with an oversized knit, refined boot and double faced wool jacket

2. Brown and black looks flat

Dark shades together will only look flat if you opt for 1 texture.

✔️But a brown mohair jumper with black denim and black loafers will look chic and effortless.

3. You only look dressed up when you wear heels

What is this, 2018?! Nothing is more magnetic than someone who looks utterly comfortable and confident in what they are wearing. And nothing is more chic than an evening flat that effortlessly slips onto the foot.

✔️ Opt for something jewelled or with some shine like patent or satin to stand up against more dramatic looks.

4. You can only wear one print at a time

There is nothing wrong with wearing one print at a time but some prints act like a neutral and make the perfect bedfellows for other prints

✔️ Try leopard with polka dot or a stripe with a check.

5. Your shoes and bag should always match.

This only really works in 2 ways

1. It worked for the queen

2. If it is an intentional stylistic decision and potentially comes with some irony.

✔️ Otherwise wear trainers with a Chanel bag or some ballet flats with a slouchy cross body

What is your favourite style rule to break?


P.S. If you have lost sight of your style and want to feel great again, there are lots of ways that Nadyia, Antonia and I work with our clients. To find out how we can work with you, Call us to chat through the options.

Photographed by Phil Oh; Acielle / Style Du Monde

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