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Is Your Style Working For You OR Against You? 😊😔

June 09, 2023

I missed my train on Friday (the tubes let me down) so had to reschedule my client. And instead of rushing back to my desk to get ahead of work which is my default, I jumped off the tube and went to the Tate Modern. 

As I was walking around Maria Bartuszova’s evocative sculptures and installations I started to think about style…

I know you are probably eye rolling at this point because I can relate everything back to style but stay with me 😊

Bartuszova’s best works are the ones symbolic of human relationships; balloons of plaster suspended and bound by string and rope, intertwined and seemingly dependant.

It expresses how we tie ourselves to one another and that interconnection can either be beautiful and fulfilling or it can make us feel bound and constrained.

Style can be like that.

✔️ Expressing yourself authentically through your personal style choices allows you to connect, relate and bond with others who feel drawn to your innate creativity.

❌ I am not saying that we need to look the same to be relatable but that confidence and authenticity are magnetic.

By you dressing the way you want and by others acknowledging your tastes, there is a sense of freedom and positive self expression.

That is what I mean when I say Style is freeing…

and what my sister calls ‘embodied authority’… the authority we have over how other people see us and how we want to feel.

But style can also restrict and constrain 😔

We are bound by clothing because we need to get dressed everyday. As Mark Twain said, “naked people have little or no influence in society”.

Not knowing how we want to show up in the world or knowing that your style is letting you down and affecting your confidence (more that you think it should), can be paralysing. You know you are a strong, intelligent and creative person and you want to dress to express that but are overwhelmed by choice and the fear of ‘getting it wrong’.

And you know, as woman, society makes us feel bad for not being good at getting dressed because we are judged more than men for what we wear.

Screw that. Getting dress (well) should be acknowledged as a skill because it is. If you don’t innately possess those skills, it is not a reflection of who you are as a person.

Even I feel like this some days… woman vs wardrobe… fight to the death.

But if you are feeling this way every day, that sucks and you shouldn’t feel like that.

⭐️ There are 3 things you can do….1. Hope it will go away. [Spoiler…it won’t]

2. Work with me, Nadyia or Antonia.

3. Join my Style Club.

🙅🏼‍♀️ (Don’t be the persons that chooses option 1).

Call me.


P.S. Thank you for all your emails about last weeks newsletter.If you missed it you can see it here. Part II coming next week.

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