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5 Fashion Rules You Should Break… And Get More Wear Out of Your Wardrobe

November 05, 2022

Are there fashion rules anymore? 

If you ask google the answer is an unequivocal, yes!

But many of these assumed rules are rooted in formalities of dress codes and gender biases have little relevance to our lives today. The pandemic has further widened our sense of what constitutes as acceptable dress and has had a ripple effect through work places who have relaxed dress codes post pandemic.

The concept that anyone should be wearing anything other than what they’re comfortable, confident and happy in represents the last bastion of an outdated system that is becoming irrelevant. Yes, there are times when we need to negotiate our sense of style and what is appropriate for working environments or respectful for specific occasions but for anyone dressing with intelligence and self awareness this can be handled successfully.

Rules can stifle our creativity, stop us from trying new outfit combinations and foster a fear of getting it ‘wrong’.

At the end of the day it is all about the energy and attitude you bring to the clothes that matters which is why rules are made to be broken.

Start breaking the following rules today and extend the outfit potential of items you have sitting in your wardrobe…

1. You can’t wear navy and black together.

This is all about texture. A black t shirt and a navy cotton trouser… may look mismatched

✔️ But a navy mohair jumper with black leather trousers… yes please!

2. Your shoes and belt need to match.

Sometimes when everything is perfect, the look can be underwhelming.

✔️ A white knitted dress with a white belt and black boots will feel modern.

3. White is not for winter

Never wear brown in town, blue and green should never be seen, red and pink is vomit in the sink…ok, I made the last one up but please…colour play is actively encouraged, not matter what the time of year.

✔️ Again you are leaning on textures here. Cashmere, wool, boucle, shearling in white feels luxurious in the dark and colder months.

4. Jewellery metals can’t be mixed

Unexpected = interesting.

✔️ Gold and silver layered together will add another dimension to wearable items like a white shirt.

5. Sweatshirts are just for the gym

The sweatshirt was born out of a need for something breathable, durable and non-chaffing to wear whilst playing football. But like denim, the sweatshirt has evolved beyond its origins to become a versatile fashion piece. .

✔️ We are focusing on cut here. A well cut sweatshirt will not look out of place with a pleated skirt and will give dressier pieces every day wearability. Tibi make the best.

There are so many other rules that are worth breaking…

We might need a Part II!

What’s your favourite fashion rule to break?

Penny x

P.S. If you want to show up in the world authentically and confidently but feel overwhelmed, Nadyia, Antonia and I can help you learn the rules you need to break to express yourself in a way that makes you happy and confident. Contact us…. today!

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