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Use This ONE Trick To Layer With Ease

December 08, 2022

​I was outfit building at my client’s house on Monday and she asked me this question…

“What is one coat I can buy that will go over all my looks and make me look pulled together”

“Something with texture” I said. “Like this…”

4 days later…

“Love the coat! It works exactly as you said. Easy over a blazer and just looks good and put together”

If you want outfits that are visually interesting but at the same time all the items exist in complimentary harmony, you need texture in your wardrobe.

But what is texture I hear you scream! I need it now!

Fabrics can be either…

  • Smooth or textured (fluffy / ribbed / loosely woven)

  • Matt or shiny

➡️ Smooth fabrics…

leather, washed silk, viscose, cotton poplin, synthetics

➡️ Textured fabrics…

Mohair, boucle, corduroy, angora, velvet, suede, teddy.

➡️ Matt Fabrics…

cotton, denim, wool, cashmere, linen, jersey, nubuck

➡️ Shiny Fabrics…

patent leather, silk, satin, jacquard, taffeta, polyester

Like most things in styling, opposites attract!

🏃🏻‍♀️ Now go to your wardrobe…

Pick an item and then pick an item that then has its textural opposite… chances are you have found two items that are happy bed fellows.

Let me help you with some combinations…

✔️ leather trousers + silk shirt + suede ankle boots

✔️ satin skirt + cashmere polo neck + leather lace up boots

✔️ mohair jumper + satin trousers + leather pointed toe flats

✔️ velvet jacket + silk camisole + denim + patent heels

✔️ boucle jacket + white shirt over a wool polo neck + denim + leather boots

✔️ ribbed top + patent leather skirt + tights + leather loafers

✔️ silk dress + crocodile print belt + suede boots


If you lack varieties of texture in your wardrobe, use the shine of jewellery and hardware to lift it.

  • necklaces layered over a polo neck

  • gold buckles on a boot with cropped jeans or tights

  • A chain strap bag worn across the body

Schedule some time to create outfits in your wardrobe…scheduling makes it real!

Or book an outfit building consultation to find out the full potential of items you already own!

Makes a great Christmas gift! wink wink

Penny x

P.S. So about those Christmas gifts… We can scour, refine and recommend a list of gifts for your loved ones OR we provide gift vouchers for all our services and for the STYLE CLUB too! 

P.P.S This is what my client said about our gift finding service “Fantastic, exactly what I was looking for – THANK YOU Penny!”

photo credit:; Phil Oh

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