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The 1 Thing You All Agreed On When It Comes To Your Wardrobe

March 03, 2022

Thank you for all the amazing feedback I received from the 3 day wardrobe detox challenge videos. 

{If you missed them, I will be re-releasing them soon!)

It felt so good to help those of you that have been loyal subscribers but we are yet to work together.

So what really resonated with you all??

✔️ You all agreed on the importance of someone’s ‘emotional connectivity’ with their clothes and defining how you want to feel in your clothes

✔️ You all agreed on the link between actually trying on the clothes and exploring them in a visceral way

BUT the 1 thing that really hit home was…

💥 Thinking about the clothes you ACTUALLY wear every. day.

What I call…

Your Wearables

What I’m hearing from my clients that NOW more than ever, they’re looking to simplify and streamline when it comes to how they show up in the world and even when it comes to what they buy and what they wear.

The times we’re in have forced changes that have us craving authenticity and expressing our natural self even more fully.

We want things to feel as easy as possible. And I know you have felt it too.

And this is where you WEARABLES come into play.

A Wearable is…

⭐️ Pieces you wear everyday, not basic, but wearable pieces that still show your style in an effortless way.

⭐️ Consistent in colour so it all mixes and matches together

⭐️ It functions for your everyday life (not your imagined life)​

⭐️ This is where 80% of your clothing budget should be dedicated to…Feel good in your every day clothes first!!

Do a pie chart of what you do with your time and you will see your every day dominates. Does that reflect in your wearables?

I want to you to be AND to feel how YOU want to feel no matter where you are or what you’re doing.


P.S. I have 30 fabulous women in my Style Club and I can’t wait to share some of their results with you in the coming months.

I am sorry to those that missed the deadline… doors are closed for now BUT I will re-open membership in the Autumn and you can get on the waitlist now. AND I’m planning an exclusive offer for those who jump on the waitlist early.

P.P.S. Think of those wardrobe detox videos as like a taster… a window into what it’s like inside my style club… want in?

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