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This is stopping you from wearing the clothes you own…

March 28, 2022

🧐 What are clothes for? 

I mean, this isn’t a trick question.

✔️ Clothes are for wearing!

But the statistic is that we only wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time.

And there are a few reasons why actually…

But the 1 reason that is resonating with me, my clients and my Style Club members is…

🙅🏼‍♀️ Saving something for ‘best’

Saving clothes for special means you are not feeling special most of the time. 

💥 Treat the life that you live as a special ‘best’ time. ​​​​​

You bought your clothes with a function in mind (hopefully) so don’t save things for best or wear only on special occasions. Wear your clothes!​

If it’s a dress you bought for an event…

Can you wear it with a flat boot and a blazer and wear it to work?

OR can you put a knit over it and trainers and wear it to the pub on the weekend?

👩‍🏫 Remember the more you pay for something the more wearable it should be (but never basic)


P.S. ​If you want to start actually wearing the clothes you have in new and exciting ways myself, Nadyia and Sophia can help you. Click here to feel special everyday.

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