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We Are Growing! Meet My New Stylist…

April 26, 2022

You are ready to think about getting dressed again… and I don’t mean dressed up… 

I mean you are ready to get dressed with intention, to show the world who you are with your personal style after years of feeling de-railed and uninspired by your pandemic wardrobes. 

I know this because of the number of you coming to us for help. And we get it! It’s about putting something on and feeling great… feeling like yourself, the best version. No more putting something on and thinking ‘whatever, that will do’ because it won’t. 

So to help more of you, Penny Bennett Style Consultancy is growing… again! 

I’m so excited to introduce you to my new Stylist, Antonia who has just come off maternity leave to join my team of stylists, Nadyia and Sophia

Antonia has had an amazing career so far and has hit the ground running, busy transforming some of your wardrobes.

And as is tradition when I bring on someone new to the team, we sit down for a tea (actually in this case a Joe and the Juice) and we chat about her life in fashion.

My first fashion memory is…

A: My sister taking me to Marks & Spencer and saying I could choose one thing; I chose a conservative low-heel pump which was not a classic choice for 7 year old but I loved the clip-clop sound.

P: I love clothes that talk to you! I have a skirt that swishes when I walk and it makes me happy.

My love of fashion started when…

A: I was little. Being the youngest of five children I’ve always had Mumma and two sisters to look up to and dress-up in their wardrobes; early memories are of wearing her patent Bally loafers and trying to zip myself into my sister’s pink taffeta leavers ball dress

P: I can just imagine that pink taffeta. Molly Ringwald has a lot to answer for!

The worst fashion mistake I ever made…

A: not thinking through what should be worn under what was a very sheer dress, yes I wore underwear, but it was mismatching and just appalling in photos. Always think about the foundations!

P: That’s something I’d do! It’s the fact it has been documented in photos that makes it worse. I now only wear nude underwear from Calvin Klein and Sloggi to take the need to coordinate out of the equation.

The first person who’s style I idolised was…

A: My Granny Mhairie McKelvie, she was exceptionally chic and elegant wearing a uniform of pleated skirts, cashmere, and her best jewellery every day until she passed at 97.

P: She sounds amazing. I love that she didn’t save her wardrobe for best… you should feel your best self and live in that feeling every day.

The best style advice I’ve ever been given was…

A: Probably my Mum Eileen who trail-blazed the idea of a smart capsule wardrobe that you can wear every season with a few new seasonal touches here and there

P: Quality not quantity; a woman after my own heart.

The best bargain ever…

A: Would have to be the many pieces I’ve found in the Joseph sales, I really am a believer in buy less and buy better

P: I love their sale shop in Chelsea too. Such great wardrobe foundations that have a fashion perspective.

My first designer purchase was…

A: a Vanessa Bruno sleeveless blazer that I bought with my first pay check and still wear today

P: Smart! I never really acquainted myself with blazers til moving to the UK. It is the perfect piece to build your wardrobe around when you are starting out.

My most worn item of clothing is…

A: Very unsexy but my puffer coat, it’s ankle length in a camel colour and I can brave all the elements in it and still feel ‘dressed.’

P: I’m the one who admitted I only wear nude underwear! For me it would have been unsexy for you to say jimmy choo stilettos. There is nothing cooler than a practical piece that also makes you look good.

The most extravagant thing I’ve ever bought is…

A: A leopard print tailored coat, I quite honestly could not help myself!

P: And I bet you have no regrets.

But what about a purchase you do regret?

A: I regret spending £500 on several pieces from a fiercely fashion forward designer because I was so excited I said ‘one of each!’ No, I’ve never worn any of it.

P: It’s so easy to get carried away with newness. But considering your answers to my other questions, you have a keen eye for CPW (Cost Per Wear) pieces.

My shopping philosophy is…

A: take your time, you can always come back after you’ve thought through how you’re going to wear it

P: Love this. Shop outfits not items.

The fashion item I’d save from a burning building is…

A: My wedding dress, it was this fluke find in a sale and I’d already seen it and loved it. My Mum came with me to try it and it fitted like a glove, it was a special moment.

P: It was meant to be.

I would swap wardrobes with…

A: Alexa Chung, hugely unoriginal I know but whenever I see what she’s wearing I’m inspired; recently that was a leather trench and balaclava.

P: Yes but the reason she is an icon is that no one can do fashion irony and still look cool like she can.

My favourite era for style is…

A: The seventies, the glamour of the Halston disco days and women embracing tailoring via that iconic Annie Hall style, it really had everything and is a constant reference for fashion now

P: I love that era too… girls can be boys and boys can be girls…fashion freedom.

When I need a confidence boost I…

A: wear bright poppy red, it’s empowering and cheerful

P: Two words I would absolutely use to describe you.

If you are ready to get dressed with intention and build an effortless wardrobe that is so YOU then Antonia, Nadyia, Sophia and I would love to help you. Book a discovery call here

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