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This Is The Difference Between Good And Bad Style.

June 01, 2022

I had a really great conversation with my students of my Personal Fashion Styling course at London College of Fashion about good and bad style.

My student was worried about how to honestly respond to a client if they asked her opinion on an item that she genuinely didn’t like and would never wear herself.

What my student was really saying was that she thought this women had bad style.

This idea of good vs bad style has been fortified and perpetuated by TV shows like project runway and magazine articles declaring who is the best and worst dressed. It encourages the idea of right and wrong, can and can’t, yes and no.

But what really is the difference between good and bad style and how can you make sure you don’t fall into the latter?!

😳 The difference between good and bad style is a matter of…


And that’s it.

💥 What we really need to focus on is 2 things

✔️ 1. Feeling confident vs not feeling confident

✔️ 2. Most importantly whether you feel like yourself vs not feeling like yourself.

And that can look very different from a style perspective so it doesn’t mean one style is better than the other, they are just different. As long as there is a perspective.

When a client needs help with their style it’s not because they have bad style. They just don’t have the time or inclination to find the clothes they need so they feel like themselves… confident and strong.

So it is about finding someone who’s opinion you value and who will appreciate your style is your own and help you evolve it in a satisfying way. So you feel like yourself…. Your best self, every day.


P.S. There are 2 ways we can help you with this. 🎉

1. Working with myself, Nadyia, Antonia or Sophia on a personal one to one basis.

2. Join my Style Club re-opening for members on 22nd September 2022.

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