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The High Street Brand You Think You Know… But Don’t

May 22, 2022

​How do you find the best pieces on the hight street? 

It is a combination of these things…

  • Being an email subscriber. Brands always put their definitive pieces in their newsletters so you are the first to know of the anticipated best sellers. 

  • Recognising quality in fabrication and intended fit

  • Being in the right place at the right time 

OR you can buy from a brand’s premium line. And most of the brands have one… Zara, Massimo Dutti, H&M… yep, H&M.

H&M has a ‘premium selection’ line with quality fabrications, good intended fits, in forever shapes.

It is my secret weapon, especially in the winter for cashmere and leather pieces that you won’t see everywhere.

Click here to see what is in my basket


P.S. Regardless of your budget, finding what you need is overwhelming. BUT we can take all that overwhelm away. Get started on your journey to an effortless shopping experience by filling in our questionnaire here and booking a discovery call here.

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