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What to wear in Summer when it is not Summer

June 01, 2022

I love surprises and impromptu situations BUT when it comes to the weather I like predictability. 

But I live in London

So like my daughter and her scout group, we need to be prepared. 

And as the adage says, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. 

And Sir Ranulph Fiennes knows a thing or two about endurance so what should we have in our wardrobe to help us endure this not yet summer summer. 

I look for pieces that say summer but still keep you warm and dry. 

1. Raincoat 

Invest in this. You need it. Always. 12 months a year. For the rest of your life. 

2. Summer knitwear 

This is a gap most of my clients have when we start working together. Light weight knitwear that can be worn with skirts so you feel summery but warm. 

3. Long Sleeve Dresses 

Opt for crotchet, prints and colour to bring that warm weather vibe. Combine this with number 2, 5 and 1 on this list and it’s as easy as dressing by numbers. 

4. White jeans 

As versatile as a blue Jean but feels more summery. The shape is make or break though. Opt for straight, wide leg or sculptural styles. 

5. Cotton jacket 

Again, you always need it… in the city or by the British coast it will take you stylishly into all situations. 

See my selection here. 

Happy non-summer summer. 


P.S. It’s hard to dress when it’s 4 seasons in one day but Nadyia, Antonia, Sophia and I can help. We will get you ready for now, summer and beyond. Get in contact today

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