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The Only Way To Find The Best Sale Items

June 24, 2022

I had an interesting Whatsapp exchange with a friend yesterday who was frustrated. 

She had waited until sale time to update her wardrobe to save money

(Fair enough)

BUT what she found was that she bought items that were too small, items that she wouldn’t normally buy because it was heavily discounted or she had to settle on an item she didn’t really love but would ‘have to do’. 

She ended up with a mishmash of items that didn’t function the way she wanted them too and didn’t get her excited about getting dressed. 

👎 Ultimately she was not saving money by shopping in the sale. 

She had depleted her bank account and increased her cortisol levels. 

💥 The value of an item is not its price tag… its value is its wearability. 

So when you are shopping in the sales or when you are shopping out of sale, place value on how much you can wear it 

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And yes, you absolutely should purchase those emotional items that make your heart sing in the sale…

Those pieces that you may only wear to events or a trend piece that you will wear the hell out of now but in a years time you may not feel the same way…

Those pieces that make you excited about getting dressed and show your style. 

But your wardrobe should only consist of 20-30% of these types of items the ’now and agains’. 

70-80% of your wardrobe should be your ‘wearables’, those pieces that have high interchangeability. 

🤳 Screen shot these questions and have it with you when you shop… during sales or not. 

1. What does it go with that I already have?

2. Can I wear it most of the year (not just on the beach or at a festival)?

3. Does it give me 9am to 9pm style?

4. Will I want to wear it in a years time?

5. Do I really love it?

🙌 If you answer YES to at least 3 of those you are onto a potential winner. 

What is on your sale shopping wishlist? 


P.S. If you want to start shopping more strategically and dressing in an effortless way, then Myself, Nadyia, Antonia and Sophia can help. Fill in the questionnaire here and book a call with us here.

P.P.S. And don’t worry, I sorted my friend out 😎

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