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If You Think You Have Style, Read This

July 08, 2022

​I was on a live Q+A call with My Wearable Wardrobe Style Club VIPs on Wednesday night. 

After answering some great questions (they ask anything from what is the best linen to buy, to what shoes to wear to a barn wedding), one of my VIPs had a bit of a revelation…

“What I am learning from all your fabulous content and lessons is that style is about how you see things and how you feel in things”

Exactly 👏

❌​ Style is NOT…

…a prescriptive list of must haves or a checklist of trend items to elevate you into influencer status.

✔️ Style IS…

…about knowing who you are, knowing how to express that and also an understanding of the root of your dissatisfaction when you feel off.

My definition of Style is…

💥 The ambition, intention and freedom to follow your own path.

Because the freedom that comes from understanding yourself and being able to express yourself authentically through your clothes is a game changer.

Clothes make us feel something and myself and my team define our client’s image so they can use clothes to reinforce who they truly are.

It’s magnetism personified. 🧲

But it’s a journey… and it’s one I love going on with my Style Club members.

If you have spent too long in a no-mans land with your style and it’s affecting you (even more that you think it should) then the good news is I’ll be opening up the Style Club to new members again on 22/8/22

Stay tuned.

Penny x

P.S. If you feel like you don’t know yourself anymore and your image is letting you down and what you would really love is a private bespoke experience then Nadyia, Antonia, Sophia and I would love to hear from you. Call us, email us, message us.

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