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How to find your signature style

July 29, 2022

​This week I was filming a video for My Wearable Wardrobe Style Club about building a checklist of items to suit their defined style that will help them put together effortless outfits.

These are the pieces that really help you communicate who you are, build a signature style and a functional wardrobe and stop you making mistakes.

But then I started to think… 🧐

If having a strong sense of style is being consistent in the items and shapes you buy what is the difference between that and feeling like you are always wearing the same thing?

What is the difference between a signature style and a style rut?

✔️ A signature style has depth but has a clear through line… this person always knows how they want to feel and can describe their style in 3 adjectives. They know themselves and what makes them happy. They shop with confidence knowing what they are looking for and they have those pieces in their wardrobe that they can wear back with new additions. Fashion and functional happily cohabitating.

❌ The style is rut is the antithesis of this. They don’t know themselves or how you want to feel in their clothes. They manage by a small miracle to find an item they like and they buy it in every colour. Only to find they only wear one colour (the one that functions) and when they wear the other colours they feel average and not like themselves.

We all have days we feel a little bit off but knowing yourself means that you have the tools to understand why.

💥 I started the style club to give women the tools they need to express themselves in a satisfying, inspiring and thoughtful way and I make it really accessible and fun.

I love hearing the light bulb moments my members have when it all clicks and starts to make sense. That is style freedom.

If you would love to access to my step by step system to build a wearable wardrobe you love, you will be excited to know that I’m re-opening membership on 22/8/22. If you are a curious, intelligent woman who understands the power of image then join the waitlist here.

Can’t wait to see you on the inside.


P.S. If you desire one-to-one attention to develop and evolve your style, then Nadyia, Antonia, Sophia and I would love to hear from you. Call us now.

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