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{Video Inside} FREE Lesson On How to Wear Colour

September 27, 2022

In less than a week, on Saturday 1st October, I will be welcoming in new VIP members to my Style Club.

🎉 And I can’t wait. 

I already have a group of curious, intelligent and open minded woman who have supported, bolstered and solved issues for each other and themselves. 

This is what they have to say about the Style Club…

⭐️ “Hey Penny! Just wanted to say thank you. Being part of this Style Club gives me a great satisfaction and clarity and I very much look forward to each and every video. Also, in view of my personal and international situation…I am not sure how I would stay sane without it and you! THANK YOU.”

⭐️ “Penny, your videos are amazing! The lessons and exercises are just as valid and valuable whether using them to do a wardrobe analysis for the first time… or the 15th! You have instilled me with confidence”.

⭐️ “The Style Club is very helpful and interesting. I am very happy to have gleaned all this new information from you and how you present the lessons is always very interesting and you explain all your knowledge clearly. I am enjoying putting it all into practice.”

⭐️ “I have learned so much from the Style Club and community (so) thank you all. And to you Penny, for your great lessons, I enjoy learning and I’m in love with my clothes again”

But rather than TELL you how good the Style Club is and what you are going to discover, I thought I would show you…

Click this link for your FREE video lesson on how to take the guess work out of matching colour in outfits.

➡️ Watch your FREE style class here

And let me know what you discover and how you prefer to use colour to style your outfits. 


P.S. If you put yourself on the waitlist for the Style Club, tomorrow you are going to find out more about the VIP package, including 2 VIP exclusives. 

P.P.S If you know you already want in, perfect, join now!The first person to join will WIN a free La Prairie face cream… this is the link you need.

*you will have access to the Style Club from 1st October.

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