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How To Wear Clothes in 2023

January 13, 2023

Us humans, we love newness. And I get it… it brings optimism and inspiration…hope.

Hope is helpful.

But when it comes to your wardrobe newness isn’t always helpful.

Focusing on the new can stop us from valuing what we already have.

If you hate your wardrobe… searching for answers online, endlessly scrolling, can only lead to more stress, overwhelm and confusion.

Even if you are very dissatisfied with your wardrobe… the answers to all your problems are in there…

  • Your buying habits

  • Your successes

  • Your failures

  • Your emotions

  • Your why

  • Your mindset

And to understand all of the above, you need to…

✔️ spend more time with your wardrobe

❌ spend less time with your online shopping mistress.

➡️ To help you with this I’ve got a simple New Year’s resolution for you…

Every Wednesday you are going to wear what you have….

But in a different way.

💥 I’m calling it Wearable Wednesday

Every Wednesday (or Tuesday night if you are like me 😜) you are going to pick something and wear it with something you haven’t worn before… or style it in a way you haven’t before

If you don’t know where to start…

Here is a checklist

✔️ layer a polo under your favourite dress

✔️ wear a bright sock with your trainers

✔️ tuck your jeans into your knee high boots

✔️ layer your sweater over a shirt

✔️ layer your multiple necklaces over a polo neck

✔️ wear a brown belt instead of your usual black.

✔️ wear a check with a polka dot

✔️ wear all the same colour in an outfit

The way to update your wardrobe in 2023 is with something you already own.

Let’s slowly and mindfully change our habits and behaviour.

It is about taking a realistic approach to your wardrobe and committing time to self care, that is dressing as mindfulness.

Let’s start something #wearablewednesday

Tag me @pennybennettstyles

Penny x

P.S. If you have ambitions for your style this year, brilliant, we love ambitious people. Contact us and Nadyia, Antonia or I will arrange a discovery call to give you a road map to an effortless wardrobe you love.

photo credit Campbell Addy for Vogue

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