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Jewellery Trends and What to Buy {Your Tired Knitwear Will Thank You}

March 10, 2023

I made A LOT of shopping mistakes during the pandemic

I decided that colour was what I needed to elevate my zoom look… but I don’t like wearing a lot of colour

I decided that I needed tops with more detail otherwise I looked like I never changed my top… but I like wearing neutral low-key tops

I bought pieces for my dream life and not my zoom life. Beach dress anyone?

BUT two good things came out of that

1. the ‘experiments’ helped me solidify who I am and what I want from my style (and Ebay thanks me for it)

2. I discovered the power of accessories.

It wasn’t my clothes that needed updating…the devil was in the detail

The ease of slipping on a pair of earrings with a t-shirt and looking like I had made on effort became (and still is) my go to look.

I started to not only adopt that formula for Zoom but for my casual looks too… really leaning into the jewellery to maximise the impact of a simple pair of jeans.

My friend Sarah came over last weekend and was wearing a white henley t-shirt, a pair of jeans and the most amazing earrings (from mexico) and she looked… amazing…but in the most effortless way.

So what to buy…

The focus of the jewellery trends comes down to wearability. No longer are we buying jewellery for heirloom status we want un-serious easy-to-wear appeal.

  • organic shapes that make pieces feel one of a kind and hand-made

  • mixing materials and metals

  • chunkier rings for every day

  • the ‘power pinky’ ring, signet or otherwise

  • beaded jewellery… for life not just for holiday

  • the return of silver

Favourite Brands

  • Completed Works and Aligheri really paved the way for irreverent, textured jewellery with organic charm but here are other brands I love…

  • By Pariah

  • Aimos

  • Atelier Romy

  • Best on the Highstreet… COS and Jigsaw (Collargerie’s collaboration is good).

See my selection here


P.S. If you like the idea of a bespoke curation of jewellery with accompanying how-to styling notes sent to your inbox that you can click through and buy, Nadyia, Antonia and I would love to elevate your casual look. Book a call here.

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