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This knitwear style is cool again

December 01, 2023

I am fascinated by the ebbs and flows of fashion.

How a seemingly classic style can all but banish from the shop floor and not feature in any designer catwalk collections…

And then suddenly it reappears. 

Case in point the humble v neck knit. 

This comeback is on the subtle side but subtle enough for me to notice. 

Maybe this is because we have spent years in crew neck sweatshirts…

The V neck has become the antidote. 

✔️ Plus, thanks to a resurgence on the catwalk from brands like Prada, they’re seriously stylish too. 

I’m not saying crew neck is OUT and V is IN… knitwear in any guise will always a perennial style staple…

You might even tell me you never stopped wearing a V neck. 

But what makes a look modern is a new interpretation or iteration of an old favourite. 

⭐️ The v neck may be back but it’s high cut, chunky and close to the neck. 

So it will function as effortlessly as a crew neck without you worrying about how to keep your chest warm or feeling like a stock image with a white shirt layered underneath. 

And you can guarentee high V neck t shirts will be next…

Here are are my favourites.


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