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Aussie brands you don’t know but should

May 04, 2023

I’m back from 2 weeks in Australia seeing friends and family after a loooooooong 4 years. 

And although London is very much home, apart from the obvious pain of being away from my family and friends, I really miss that light and the warmth! 

So to assuage my desire for sunshine, I took myself to N1 to visit the artist that understands so implicitly the need for light and illumination…

David Hockney. 

His life is seen as one long quest for more sunshine, more intensity of colour and sharper light. 

He moved from what he describes as ‘dull and drab’ east London to LA in 1964. He loved the light, the temperate climate, the optimism and sexiness…

And although my life has moved in the opposing direction (not that I think London is at all dull and drab!), I return to Aussie designers to get that hit of serotonin. 

It’s the duality of coastal and urban style that feels so optimistic and familiar in Australian designers. 

So what to buy…

There are brands that dominated my 90s wardrobe that are still going strong… Zimmerman and Scanlan and Theodore 

And The brands that have grown beyond their isolated shores to become global players like Aje, Sir, Matteau, Esse Studios, Anna Quan, Bec and Bridge, Camilla and Marc, Dion Lee, Lee Matthews, Posse, Albus Lumen, Beare Park, Alex Perry (you can’t get sexier)

That’s quite the roll call. 

Even if you can’t travel there, at least you can buy into that visceral feeling you get when the sun hits your skin. 


Have a sticky beak (Aussie for have a look) at my favourite styles here. 

Hooroo (Aussie for goodbye)

Penny (Aussie for Stylist 😎)

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