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How To Style A Skirt Now [Outfit Formulas]

May 23, 2023

I keep a diary in my wardrobe to write down what I’m buying, craving, wearing and what’s missing. 

If you are already journaling, just add some thoughts about how you felt in your clothes that day and what you were wearing that made you feel like that. 

(this is the start of you getting to know yourself and having great style, because when you have a good day it is usually when you are wearing something that makes you feel like yourself, effortless, happy)

I love to compare year on year what I am craving at certain times of year… 

(this helps me understand my style and what I will and won’t wear. In the Style Club we call them outfit formulas)

And this time last year I was wearing the same outfit formulas I am craving now…

Outfits with skirts. 

(big skirt and man shirt, pencil skirt and sweatshirt) 

A skirt is a nod to summer without the full commitment.

It feels lighter to wear but you can layer on the top half when the wind picks up or the sun retreats behind heavy cloud. 

And the best thing about skirts (unlike trousers), its feminine roots help to create balance in outfit pairings…

  • with shirting

  • with sweatshirts

  • with blazers 

  • with trench coats (long styles work best)

  • and they make you look like you have made more of an effort (but not too much) when you wear a T shirt. 

AND skirts (unlike trousers) work with with all types of shoes;

  • they balance the sportiness of a trainer

  • they balance the masculinity of a loafer

  • it compliments a feminine shoe like a mary jane. 

With so many ways to wear… therein lies it’s beauty. 

So what to buy now…

The spring/summer catwalk was full of skirts…

(2023 has been dubbed the year of the skirt) 

So you have every iteration 

But if you are looking for an update, a good guide is to go long, go short, go wide or go home! 

3 notable styles:  

  1. Denim 

  2. Pencil (but long, think Gwenyth circa 1995)

  3. Cargo 

Shop my selection here


P.S.  If you love the idea of a bespoke selection of skirts with complete stying options that you can click through and buy, contact us here to see how your virtual wardrobe works. Nadyia, Antonia and I can’t wait to meet you.

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