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This 1 Thing Will Determine What You Should Buy In The Sale {Handpicked Edit}

July 03, 2023

​It’s easy to get swept up with sales… 

I’m getting overwhelmed with clients messaging me asking if they should invest in items or not 

And I get it. 

It makes sense to save money 

But it doesn’t make sense to buy something you don’t need or would not normally want. 

If you find yourself scrolling for discounts just for the sake of it then stop! 

If you don’t use the wish list function on websites start now. 

✔️ adding it to wish list feels as good as adding to basket without the financial commitment 

✔️ once added to your wish list you can go to your wardrobe and start planning around. If you can make 3 outfits you are good to go. 

✔️ ​you can see when it is low stock… the fear of it selling it out will tell you if you will really want it 

✔️ ​brands notify you when items from your wish list go on sale 

Ok? So use the wish list. 

Then there is one thing that will determine your sales strategies… 

And yes you need a strategy. 

It is good have a strategy ie thoughtful acquisition of items that are going to help you wear those clothes you have already bought in a more intentional and creative ways. 

➡️ But where you are in the wardrobe journey will determine what you should buy. 

Are you…

A pragmatic shopper who has an established wardrobe and have all the items you need to build your looks around… (what I call your wearables)…

Then do this..

Buy something that you will wear now and again that will add a fashion element to your look and help you communicate your unique style. 

Or are you…

An emotional shopper and are attracted to anything shiny, sparkly, fashion forward or items that add personality 

Then do this…

Buy wearables. Those items that don’t necessarily get you excited when you buy them but are the pieces that are missing when you are outfitting and make everything in your wardrobe so damn wearable. 

💥 If you have never thought about your wardrobe in this way, today is the day. 

Whichever shopper you have identified with, I have even put a sale selection together for you and you can view it here..

I know you approach everything else in your life with intention and intelligence, so apply your critical thinking to your wardrobe.

And invest. 

Because by investing in your wardrobe you are investing in yourself and your future self

Penny. ​

P.S. Whether you have a wardrobe with wearables or whether you have a wardrobe of now and agains, we know how to make the most of what you have. Talk to us about your wardrobe problems, we know how to fix them.Fill in the questionnaire to get started.

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