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3 Denim Trends To Know In 2024 {Plus What Style To Wear To Work}

January 26, 2024

​I don’t pay attention to trends…

…pants worn as shorts anyone? 😮

What I mean by that is I’m not interested in buying into a look for the sake of (F)ash-ion

{I’m sorry Fashion it’s not you, it’s me}

Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to be curious. 

If something is speaking to your personality, don’t resist it. 

❌ BUT you shouldn’t look like you have a completely new personality. 

✔️ What I do love, when it comes to trends is the evolution and reinterpretation of classics. 

The subtle tweaks to something that is so familiar but is made to feel new again. 

This is also the smartest way to buy into trends…

Take a piece you love and wear all the time and buy into its new iteration as you already know you will wear the hell out of it. 

So I love to keep my eye on denim trends. 

Take an item we all know and love and refresh it. 

That way we are not reinventing the wheel we are just updating the hub caps 

So what have been the most popular searches for denim on the world wide web in 2024 and what are my clients loving? 


The indigo jean is back and it is clean and polished. Great for a workwear option match with tonal navy or classic camel. 

Extra bonus points if you add a pleat.

Designer Inspo: MIU MIU


These guys ride low and loose. Pair with slim line tops and great jewellery for a more feminine take

Designer Inspo: Loewe


They go by many names but all have the same curvy shape. They feel vintage but modern at the same time. 

Designer Inspo: Alaïa 


We are still LOVING…

Straight leg jeans. The loyalty lies in its versatility. 

💥 See my selection here including a brilliant style for petites


P.S. You know what is always on trend? People who take action… a very special shout out to Lucy who has gone from a dedicated subscriber (since 2016!) to a client. If you are like Lucy and want to move forward with your style book a call HERE. Don’t be sitting here in 2025 WISHING you had done it sooner 

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