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3 Steps To Summer Dressing {And, No, It’s Not Linen}

June 25, 2024

Thank god.

It’s finally here ☀️

I’m Australian… I have a genetic and primal need for heat and have been watching the weather app like a hawk.

But I know for so many of my clients, heat and happiness are not inextricably linked… especially for those that travel on the tube to work. I mean, they don’t transport cattle in such temperatures!

And to exacerbate matters, your wardrobe feels as lethargic as you do.

We only wear summer clothes for 3 months of the year right?

But this is where the problem lies….

You are shopping for summer items instead of shopping for items that are your style.

And it happens year after year.

When I start working with clients on their summer wardrobes it is usually a confusing mix of linen, unflattering dresses, and printed items they bought to try and be more ’summery’. Or they are sweating their way to work in fabrics that just don’t breathe.

Intelligent and accomplished women looking like they have had a lobotomy as soon as the sun comes out!

But I get it…

The usual tenants they apply to their style when dressing in winter (ie layering, refined colour palettes, texture) don’t apply in summer….


❌ Wrong.

✔️ This is my 3 step approach to dressing in summer… with STYLE

1. Know your style

When you know your style (and can define it with 3 CORE style words) you will be able to update your summer wardrobe with items that not only work for summer but will transition into autumn and be revived again in Spring which = Cost Per Wear.

➡️ Start by focusing on tops (this is where summer wardrobes need the most work). Skip the linen shirts and basic t shirts that don’t communicate your nuanced style and and look for cotton tops with impactful shapes and lines whether in the neckline, sleeve or body.

2. Shoes make or break

When you are relying on less items and generally less fabric on the body the shoes come into focus – it is the shoe that is usually the culprit when you feel off. Wearing the same shoe with every look is going to make you feel them same in every outfit. Remember – the shoes make the vibe.

➡️ With fashion’s focus on practical shoes like ballet flats, Mary Janes, fisherman flats and sporty derbys you can comfortably update your summer look.

{A special shout out to Ekaterina, one of our returning Wearable – Style Club members, who not only inspired this newsletter but knows herself so well now she was able to identify this problem in her wardrobe and quickly solve it to create summer outfits with dimension and style)

3. Layering {But not as you know it}

Bring depth to simple summer shapes by ‘layering’ fabrications with different weights and textures. Cotton-made fabrics such as terry, seersucker, crochet and cheesecloth in anything from dresses to co-ordinating separates. These fabrics are functional, comfortable and easy to care…And don’t crease like linen

➡️ TOP TIP: Love linen but hate the creases? Look for linen mixed with elastane and or a synthetic like rayon. Theory and Joseph have good options.

Be inspired here


P.S. I have one more appointment slot before August. Don’t let another summer go by feeling less than yourself. Summer and Style can coexist and we would love to show you how. Let’s chat

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