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Bored Of Wearing The Same Coat? 4 (Work Appropriate) Micro Trends To Revive It

February 02, 2024

​Last week I talked about my dislike of trends.

Maybe dislike is the wrong word… disregard? 

I disregard trends for myself and for my clients that are not wearable/functional/style appropriate. 

But I love updates on items that we all already wear (like denim) 

You can read last weeks newsletter and what styles to buy into here.

I also love trends that bubble up from the street instead of trickling down from the runway. 

Case in point – the micro trend. 

A small, seemingly insignificant detail that gains traction by those that know. 

These are trends I pay attention to. 

These are the trends that you can (usually) buy into at a lower price point that enhance and update your classics. 

AKA stop you from getting bored with your wardrobe or burning your coats in a sacrificial ceremony to the Sun Gods. 

Here are 4 micro trends to update your favourite coat.

Red Socks / Tights

Socks being on trend sounds like an oxymoron but that’s how fashion keeps us on our toes. This is the easiest way to update your winter coat AND stay warm and comfortable. 


Virginie Viard, the creative director of Chanel, sent every model down the run way of the S/S24 haute couture show in white tights inspired by ballet dancers and contrasting black shoes. I’m into it… also with a gold sandal. 

The Scout Scarf 

Pioneered by Toteme, this triangular scarf can be tied around your neck or secured round the shoulders. Wear it asymmetrically for scandi girl cool. 

Shirt Sandwich

Instead of a traditional wool scarf  to keep your neck warm, try a shirt sandwich. Perfectly executed by the Row and in Victoria Beckham’s collection, layer a coloured polo neck (COS do the best) or scarf under your shirt. Add a chunky (must be chunky otherwise it won’t stand up to all the layers) necklace too for added shine. Throw on your coat and feel the boredom subside. 

Not a fan of a polo neck? Try a white high necked T. 

Brooches are back!

I love Jill Sander’s jewellery and they have included brooches in their collections for a while now but I have noticed the resurgence… even in the menswear collections. Vintage stores and Etsy are full of them but look for clean shapes. 

To help you relinquish the boredom, here is my selection. 


P.S. Your existing wardrobe is full of potential. We can show you how to make the most of what you already have. Book a free discovery call with myself, Nadyia and Antonia and we will change the way you feel about your wardrobe. Just click here. 

Fun Fact. 

In 2021 I sent the creative director of Tibi a picture of myself in one of her dresses with red shoes and red tights. ‘We all love this in the office!’  

Cut to Spring collection 2022 where she sent models down the runway in red tights and shoes. And so it began… Let what you love lead you. 

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