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After 1000 Shopping Appointments, This Is What I Know About Style

June 25, 2024

I worked out that I have completed (almost) 1000 shopping appointments since I started my business 15 years ago. 

As you can imagine, it is now a well oiled machine.

So I’m used to helping my clients navigate all the emotions that come with exploring style… 

I can see when a client is elated, overwhelmed, excited, tired and all the variables in between. 

There was a moment in a shopping appointment with a new client this week, where I could see her feeling frustrated. 

She said to me “I’m just loving the styles that I usually wear…”

Which she seemed to think was a bad thing. 

She was feeling frustrated that styles that were new to her just felt off. 

The process of working on your style is… 

❌ not about reinventing the wheel

✔️ but updating the hub caps. 

It is about understanding what you love to wear (in the Style Club we call them outfit formulas) and fine-tuning it. 

And in the process identifying old habits that don’t feel good anymore and that keep you stagnant (stagnation is so suffocating!).

For my client it was small but significant tweaks… an evolution… however small that may seem to the untrained eye. 

💥 exploring fresh colour combinations 

💥 trousers with new cuts

💥 shoes with updated shapes

💥 knitwear in luxe fabrications 

My client now has a wardrobe that feels satisfying stylistically and emotionally. A wardrobe that feels authentic, so she feels easeful and assured. 

Getting the help of a personal stylist is not about changing your style personality, it’s about enhancing it. 

Understanding what you love sartorially and refining and defining it. 

But as I said… I’ve done (almost) 1000 of these shopping appointments and I know that working out how to do this yourself is…

Hard. 😥

That is why I started the Style Club. I wanted a way for women to work on their style the only way it feels satisfying… with a structure.

A step by step road map that would take them through the stages I go through with my clients so there is 

🙌 exploration

🙌 satisfying progression 

🙌 confirmation. 

I’m working behind the scenes getting ready to re-launch the new look Style Club in May (Dates to be confirmed! 💃) 

Make sure you are on the list


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