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why you should take your style out of your comfort zone

February 07, 2018

Personal shopping appointments are when my clients really see the theory, the editing and planning come to fruition. It is such a joy to see a client’s face light up when they really love an outfit I have styled them in. But sometimes there is a moment when they question their authenticity – “I really love this! I can’t believe it is me in the mirror but my friends will think it’s not me”. 

There are two forces at work here…

1. Your natural style preferences and how you like to wear clothes

2. The issue of confidence.

I challenge my clients by asking them if they saw a women walking down the street in this outfit would they think they looked great? Or if you were moving to a city where no one knew you would you wear this look with confidence? If the answer is yes, then taking your self out of your comfort zone is a good thing. If something is truly your style then it will only be a matter of time before it becomes normal or second nature and feels authentically you. 

And consider the alternative – going back to a style that was ‘safe’ was not making you feel confident or good about yourself. Ease yourself into the experience by trying something new with something that is inherently you. As you get more comfortable and confident, you can open yourself up to even more new experiences and the constant evolution of your style will feel natural and enjoyable. Remember is not always about re-inventing the wheel but merely updating the hub caps. 

If you feel your style doesn’t represent who you are or communicate your potential and you want to evolve your style in a fun and stress free way, I would love to hear from you. 

Penny Bennett is a Personal Stylist, Personal Shopper and Image Consultant covering London and the UK that will change how you feel about your wardrobe forever. 

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