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You Would Never Know This Is Matches’ Best Selling Brand

October 12, 2023

​My friend Sarah came to my house on the weekend in the perfect between season knitwear. 

You know the ones, {{ subscriber.first_name }}…

…The ones that if you are too hot, you can take off and are not too bulky to sling on your shoulders, tie around your waist or shove in your bag

…The ones that if you are cold, layer so well under a blazer without bunching or can even be worn under dresses or other bulkier knits. 

You can wear them to work and feel refined or you can wear them with denim and you look casual and cool. 

They are the knits you grab for when you don’t know what the weather is going to be like. 

And with the weather changing so much they are the item your wardrobe needs…. but probably doesn’t have. 

And I understand why…

They are hard to find and boring to buy. 

BUT they are the item you will wear the most. 

Raey is Matches’ own brand and happens to be their best selling brand on-site. 

And I can see why. 

They do this category so well (as Sarah so beautifully demonstrated). 

They do basics that aren’t basic. The perfect aforementioned light weight knit that becomes the building block of your style. 

👉 What’s the trick to finding the best ones?

✔️ Don’t always buy in classic colours as it will feel like an uninspiring purchase and you will end up buying something else (you probably don’t need). Experiment with new colours in pared back cuts. Jade, Putty and Burnt Orange go well with all the classic colours of navy, grey and white but feel more interesting. 

✔️ Don’t be afraid of sheer… Autumn/Winter is all about texture and you will feel flat if all the textures in an outfit are all the same. A sheer knit with a camisole or dark bra not only gives dimension to your look but is also flattering

✔️ Look for unexpected details. I love Raey’s extended sleeve or Tibi’s cut outs. And asymmetry in the hem gives the illusion of longer legs and breaks up the body. 

I have put a selection together here, (I have also added a few high street brands in the mix that also do this category well). 


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