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This winter skirt goes with everything you already have in your wardrobe

January 20, 2024

​Last week I revealed all the items, the good, the bad and the ugly (well, no ugly actually) I bought in 2023. 

(Did you miss it? You can read it here)

In that email I brazenly said ‘I don’t wear skirts in winter’… and I don’t. 

As soon as I typed those words, I immediately asked myself ‘why?!’

If I heard that statement muttered from a client’s lips, I would immediately question, analyse and challenge. 

So I flipped into Stylist mode and started to question my own propensity to wear trousers in winter. 

And this is what I discovered…

  • I like outfit formulas (or uniform dressing, if you will) 

  • They are convenient, jeans go with everything (as long as they have a blue NOT yellow undertone)

  • I wear a lot of over sized knitwear so the ‘gap’ between my legs creates visual balance

  • They are practical: easy to wear, run around in, keep me warm

  • They are anti-trend

➡️ So what I need is the winter skirt answer to jeans 💥

Elementary, my dear Watson. 

  • It needs to go with my sweaters so would need to be narrow 

  • It needs to be comfortable so has stretch

  • It needs to be convenient in that it can be paired with multiple shoe options

  • It needs to be warm. 

  • It needs to still live in my wardrobe next season… and the season after that

And I have found it. 

The irony is that I have always styled my clients in this skirt…


✔️ Stylish

✔️ Warm

✔️ Has dress up and down versatility

✔️ Pairs easily with boots or trainers

AND the best bit is that the skirt is often accompanied with a matching knitted top, like dressing by numbers

I love an elongated silhouette so I’m going to opt for something long that I can wear in the day with trainers and socks or to work with my flat over the knee boots. 

But I have also included midi options for all my beautiful petites out there. 

The Knitted Skirt Edit 

⭐️ STYLING TOP TIP: The fine knit versions look great at work with a silk blouse, blazer and boots. The ribbed, cable and mohair look more casual and are great for the weekend with trainers and chunky boots. 

Stay Warm! 


P.S. Do you want to learn the 3 things that may be holding you back in your style? Book your Discovery Call now. 

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