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These Are The Earrings I Am Most Complemented On {And Where To Buy}

February 05, 2024

​One good thing that came out of lock down, is that I developed a very easy formula for dressing for virtual consultations and presentations. 

A significant amount of my work is still done online…

  • Teaching and inspiring the next generation of Personal Stylists at London College of Fashion

  • Mentoring students from all over the world and in different time zones, to achieve their potential

  • Delivering inspiring and action orientated Style Masterclass workshops to corporate clients

  • Wardrobe edits where I plan, strategise and refresh outfits for UK and overseas clients

And this one thing has helped me looked pulled together no matter if I have had 3 seconds to get ready or if I am coming straight from yoga…


{And jewellery in general actually}.  

When you work online, your image is reduced to what I call…

The Influencing Triangle

You have from the top of your head to the tips of both your shoulders to communicate who you are. 

Yes, we can lean on clothing, colour choices and great grooming (I find the zoom filters help with this)…

But jewellery is 1 thing I get complimented on…

AND is so easy to chuck on 3 seconds before a call starts. 

Click here to see the 1 pair that always gets the question…

‘Where did you get those earrings?’ 

{You will find lots of incredible options… you will see there is a theme ❤️}

N.B. It’s almost Valentine’s day. Show yourself some love and gift yourself a great pair of earrings. You are your best investment 💥


P.S. We know the simple formulas you can use to ‘get up, get dressed and go’. Book a call to find out what is possible for you. Simply click here. 

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