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How To Look Intelligent {And It’s Got Nothing To Do With Wearing Glasses}

June 25, 2024

I love the conversations I have with women (and men) around their style.

A recent client sent me this message: 

“Really lovely to see you too, and thanks so much as always for your brilliant insight and suggestions” 

I relish the process we go through of unpacking emotions to help my clients to get to a place of clarity and purpose when it comes to getting dressed. 

My friend Lucy and I are working through this process with her style…

And I wanted to share the conversation with you…because it’s good. 

And because I know as a dedicated subscriber of my newsletter, and an intelligent human, that this will relate, Penny. 

I wish I had Lucy’s words (she’s an editor so this is slightly intimidating) but the conversation went a little like this…

“My image and brand have been front of mind lately. 

I’ve never worried about image before – I have a strong sense of style and I love clothes but I have never engaged with my brand from the perspective of how others see or think about me and how that relates to my intelligence, aptitude and ability to get the job done. 

My Dad always told me to use my intelligence to build strong relationships with people and show them who I am. 

But suddenly I am in a new work position which involves me being the ‘face’ of the brand so I am really appreciative of how my image is coming across now that I am being interviewed and photographed. 

I have been so focused on getting the aesthetic of the magazine right, to get the engagement, and I want my image to feel like a natural extension of the incredible product we have created. 

I want to stay true to who I am but also be intentional with it.”

I see why Lucy was struggling with this, why it feels inherently uneasy and overwhelming. 

Why she is so torn by the idea that people ‘judge’ her for what she looks like, the clothes on her back, when surely being smart should be enough. 

Because she is right. 

The most important thing is our intelligence, how we communicate our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and how we make others feel as a result. 

BUT clothes make us feel something. 

The clothes we put on our body invade our brains and thoughts and therefore impacts, not only how we think and feel, but how we hold ourselves physically and how people respond to us. 

We are not influenced by the clothes themselves…

But the feeling we associate with them. 

✔️ If we put on something in a colour that makes us happy we feel happy. 

✔️ If we put on something that is good quality we take that sense of quality into our working lives

The more we enjoy a garment and what it means to us, the more likely we are to feel good in it. Which boosts our self esteem. 

❌ Unfortunately the opposite is also true… if we put on something that is old and worn out, we feel dated, tired. 

My job as a Personal Stylist is to help my clients use clothing like a second skin…

the vital link that connects the bodily self, the thinking self and the self that relates to others. 

Meaning we all have absolute control over how we are going to feel in any given situation by making the choice to wear clothing that supports and enhances our personal brand. 

💥 and there is so much power in that. 

Using clothing as a concept of ourselves that we wear? 

Now that is smart. 


P.S. Lucy and I are going to build a toolkit of items that are going to support and enhance her in the way she needs. Let us help you build your image ‘toolkit’ so you can communicate who you truly are with a sense of ease, satisfaction and confidence.Book a Discovery Call now, it’s the intelligent thing to do.

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