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The one thing you need to know for stress-free packing [PLUS my easy 5 step guide].

August 05, 2020

Whether I am packing for a beach holiday or a weekend city break, there is only one thing I do to ensure I pack successfully…

1. Pack in outfits. 

That’s it! (She says…😉)

BUT a suitcase with a selection of items that all mix and match together does require planning. 

TOP TIP Put a date in the diary 5 days before you leave and stick to it! Give yourself time to pick up an last minute items and get your washing/dry-cleaning done. 

STEP 1. Lay out your favourite items you love wearing onto your bed, including jewellery and shoes. 

STEP 2. Get out your diary and start with Day 1. What are you doing on that day/night? Pick an appropriate outfit from the bed and hang it on a portable rail or a cleared rail in your wardrobe with the shoes laid in front and accessories hung over the hanger. 

STEP 3. Repeat for day 2,3 and 4


Can items you have chosen be mix and matched with other items already on the rail… Are there dresses that go from beach to bar with fresh accessories…. Or skirts that can go from day trip to dinner with a different shoe….Can your one-piece swimsuit also work as a top with your favourite shorts?

TOP TIP: Pack your accessories in 3s…shoes (one beach, one day, one night), bags (one beach, one evening, one day)…3 gives you the perfect amount of variety! 

STEP 5 Review and edit until you get it down to a workable (but fun!) capsule. 

TOP TIP: Photograph your outfits. Build up a catalogue of packing capsules you can refer back to again and again. 

I hope you all get a chance to take a break this summer. Let me know how you get on with this packing technique! 

Also if you missed your Free Guide to the exact number of outfits you need in your wardrobe, you can find it here


P.S. Let me do the packing for you! With my virtual wardrobe system, you can pack with the click of a button!

P.P.S Don’t leave anything to chance… weigh your suitcase before you go with this brilliant tool.

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