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Trainers with {almost} everything – The do’s and don’ts and what to buy

August 05, 2020

This blog is dedicated to the lovely, Chelle, who sent me this request…

“Please, please, please, can you write a blog about wearing trainers for work / everyday.  I love that you can wear them with a great work outfit but not quite sure how to wear it.  Are there any rules I need to adhere to?”

I can understand why Chelle has trainers on her mind…

If lockdown has changed anything about the way we dress it is that we will have a lower tolerance for restrictive clothing and crave the comfort of at-home-styles for our everyday wear. And as we edge away for more formal looks, when it comes to shoes, the trainer will take centre stage. (I’ve started to display my heels like museum pieces as I can’t see myself wearing most of them!). 

Dressing down looks with trainers is not a new concept. Every since Pheobe Philo took her bow after her Celine show wearing Stan Smiths back in 2015, this look has become much coveted! 

So how to be more Pheobe Philo and less Jerry Seinfeld… Here are my Do’s and Don’ts


+ Do show off your ankle. This is THE most important thing, it helps to balance the proportions and add an elegance. (If you are tall/have very long or slim legs/tiny ankles, then this isn’t as important). 

+ Do wear them with wide leg trousers and let the fabric fall over the trainer for casual refinement 

+ Choose plain white trainers with minimal styling for work as they feel more polished and formal. 

+ If you are opting for colour block iterations repeat one of the colours in your outfit (ideally your bag or your top) to make the outfit feel more pulled together. 

+ Do choose a trainer to suit your body shape… Platform styles will balance hips and elongate the leg… trainers cut low on the ankle will slim the ankle and elongate the calf.

+ Do balance chunkier style Dad trainers with something else in your outfit that is oversized like a boyfriend shirt, slouchy knitwear or blazer. 


+ Don’t let them get too dirty! Look after your investment to keep them box fresh! I have two pairs of the same white trainers… one for the park with the kids and one for work. 

+ Repurposing your worn out exercise or commuter trainers won’t do! Do make it intentional. 

+ Don’t wear colour block trainers with printed midi dresses (unless you are a styling pro and I know there are some of you reading this 😉) Opt for simple white trainers instead. 

+ Don’t forget to try the high-low mix. A silk dress with trainers adds an edge. 

+ Don’t think that classic looks don’t look good with trainers. A sleek white trainer adds a contemporary edge to a cropped black tailored trouser or shirt dress. 

+ Don’t wear chunky trainers if you have big feet, proportion is key!

+ Don’t forget to show off your ankle! 


White trainers… Common projects (Whistles, Jigsaw, Boden or Selected Femme on the Highstreet)

Flattering your leg…Golden Goose Super Star (Hush has a version with similar styling but not as flattering cut)

Environmentally conscious… Veja

How has lock down changed your style? Have a burning question that you would like me to blog about? Reply now! This will help me help you further. 

And keep emailing me your wardrobe dilemmas! 


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