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February 02, 2017

My clients come to me because that want to shop better regardless of budget. They want clothes that have longevity both in terms of style and quality. Now there are no rules in terms of what pieces you should have in your wardrobe as this really depends on your lifestyle – one woman’s black cardigan is another woman’s black leather jacket. But there are ways of shopping to ensure you are getting the best quality fabric money can buy and it comes down to one thing… the search engine.

Retailers are investing a lot of money and time into refining the search parameters so you can find exactly what you want. So instead of searching for ‘sweater’ search for ‘wool’ or ‘cashmere’ or if you are looking for a handbag, search for ‘leather’. H&M even has a ‘Premium Quality’ concept that lists all the items on the site that are made with premium fabrics.

Here are my top 5 premium quality high street buys. Obviously if you are shopping in store this becomes challenging. But maybe I will rebrand myself as ‘your in-store search engine’! With my help you will recognise the difference between silk and rayon or wool and acrylic in no time. 

COS – weekend essential; the cosy cashmere joggers.

Zara – The softest cashmere in mood-lifting red.

H&M – Who knew. The perfect leather biker. 

Uterque – People won’t know if it’s Chloe but they will know it’s silk.

J Crew – Day to night in this season’s coveted colour.

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