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This Is Embarrassing For Me… But It Will Help You

February 28, 2024

I want to know how you are feeling about your wardrobe right now?

Give me some verbs…




Or do you feel…




When it comes to not feeling good, my instinct is to retreat and retract… especially from my wardrobe.

In an act of self sabotage I wear the same thing and often the worst thing in my wardrobe…

like I’m not good enough for all the beautiful things that are hanging there.

I’m not embarrassed because I find this time of year hard…

or that I default to clothes that don’t actually support me (this is very normal)…

I’m embarrassed because I know exactly what to do to fix it…

⭐️ The EXACT steps I need to take

⭐️ How changed and invigorated I will feel after

⭐️ How life will become easier, light, full of joy

Buy why don’t we do the thing that we know will make us feel our best?

🧐 Maybe because getting dressed is just a moment in our day…

so I see why it feels easy to write it off as just something you have to do to function at a basic level in society.

How many times a week do you get dressed and think, “that will do”?

But I also know the power of my process.

I talk to women (and men) daily about their wardrobes and they know that having me and my team on their side to figure it all out arms them with confidence so they feel free and 100% comfortable in their own skin. Because basic is never good enough.

The success and progression of your wardrobe depends on two things

1. Knowing the steps you need to take to solve your problems

2. A sprinkling of emotional risk

The reality is when we step outside of our comfort zone and take strategic action it ignites something inside of us.

There is alchemy in a wardrobe and when we create new from old and push our mental boundaries we feel ALIVE

Because clothes have the power to move us.

If you are excited by the prospect of this (I’m excited for you!), let’s talk.

Book here…

There’s no obligation, it’s just a chat.

BUT it could be a conversation that activates you into the most exciting possibilities for your year

Love your style, beyond the clothes.


P.S. The re-opening of Wearable, my online Style Club is coming… stay tuned.

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