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What feels feminine now

March 07, 2017

It is International Women’s Day and the perfect opportunity to celebrate women’s style and authentic femininity. Many woman come to me because they want to feel more feminine. So I start with understanding what femininity means too them and I ask them to discuss the last time they felt feminine. And what always comes to light is that femininity is not about wearing frills or a pretty frock but about an attitude; how confident you feel in your clothes and how you communicate to the world what you are capable of. When you understand what colours flatter and what styles will highlight your best bits you will wear your clothes with confidence and your femininity will take centre stage.

These are my 4 favourite ways to get femininity into my wardrobe. 


I know, I am always banging on about colour! But it can totally change your mood and is not only important for how you see yourself but how others perceive you – the psychological implications of putting clothes on your body are significant. Even if you’re not trying to make an impression or look a certain way, you are still sending out a message. I recently bought a burgundy silk dress from Rhode resort and the design is very simple but it’s all about that deep, cherry stained, amazing red that makes you stand out for all the right reasons. 


If you are a tactile person like me, the way a fabric feels on your skin is very important. I like fabrics that feel cosy, soft, comfortable, weightless even. I never want my clothes to look like they are wearing me so I opt for fabrics like silk, cashmere and pima cotton that skim the body and move when you walk. Buy the best quality you can afford and you will feel a million dollars. 


My current obsession are statement earrings and nothing feels more fun and feminine than to add a dangly pair of earrings to anything from a sweater and jeans to a silk dress. Choose your accessories of choice whether it be layered necklaces or stacked rings to add a distinctly feminine and personal statement to your outfit. 


I could be wearing jeans, a t-shirt and trainers but if my nails are polished, my hair is done and my lips are moisturised and full, I feel like I can conquer the world. 

I would really love to hear your how you get finality into your wardrobe or if it’s something you feel you need help with, get in touch

My favourite #bold women in fashion: Jenna Lyons, Lucinda Chambers, Jordan Dunn, Natalia Vodianova, Erin O’Connor. 

Book to Read: Women in Clothes: Why We Wear What We Wear 

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