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My favourite winter styling trick

November 09, 2017

Layering. Even the word fills a lot of my clients with dread. Layering is not only essential for warmth but it allows you to create fresh looks out of pieces that are already in your wardrobe. Plus, should a bit of overheating occur, you can always peel off the garments throughout the day to keep cool and comfortable indoors whilst still looking pulled together. It’s time to master the art of layering so here are my favourite tricks for men and women.

For women

Topping off a dress with an oversized sweater is my favourite layering trick. Mixing different fabric textures is the key to creating interest in your winter looks and I love the lightness of the dress contrasted with the knitted top, finished off with a coat and grounded with boots. It is also a great way to utilise your summer dresses (printed silk dresses work really well) and gives them a new lease of life in the cooler months. The key is to choose a restricted colour palette and use the texture to add the interest – I love burgundy, navy or neutrals but choose a colour to suit your skin tone. To take the guess work out the equation follow this simple arithmetic…

Red Printed dress + polo neck jumper + coat + suede boots

Neutral printed dress + cashmere jumper + textured coat + ankle boots

For Men

Swap the ubiquitous v neck jumper for a zip through sweater. Whether you choose a zip up cardigan or a half zip sweater, they look great over t-shirts on the weekend or over shirting for work. Layer them under blazers, gilets or coats and they add a touch of interest without taking you out of your comfort zone. They are also perfect for the conundrum that is ‘casual Fridays’. Here are my favourites; 

For work…COS, Paul Smith, Paul Smedley

For the weekend…Ralph Lauren, Officine General, J Lindberg

Penny Bennett is a Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper and Image Consultant who works with successful men and women from London and the south east who love to look confident but lack the time and inclination to shop for themselves.

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