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Look like you have made an effort {when you haven’t}

July 09, 2024

I love a dress for 2 reasons…

1. It helps me communicate my CORE style words 

If you are new to my world… (firstly welcome!)

…CORE stands for 

Character… who you are

Objectives… what you want to communicate

Reason… your why

Essence… what you love

Because your style is a direct reflection of who you are and how you feel you fit into the world. 

So I love dresses because they help me communicate my style.  

2. But I also love them because it is one-and-done dressing. 

🧐 So how can I bring the same ease to dressing with separates? 

The shortcut? 

Make sure they are matching. 

For all my corporate dressers who hate summer, this is the intelligent way to look stylish and pulled together in the heat… or in the rain for that matter!

It’s laid back but polished, simple but not one dimensional.

Other benefits

✔️ you can re-style each item with other items in your wardrobe (if you feel like it)

✔️ coordinating your seperates elongates the body as there is no obvious visual break at the waist

✔️ they work as well in the city as they do on vacation so no bifurcated wardrobe

✔️ they are everywhere this summer so easy to find a style you like whether it’s prints, plain, shorts, trousers, skirts, linen, cotton or silk. 


Jewellery and a belt will add structure and polish when heading to work or opt more structured fabrics and shapes like waistcoats and trousers. 

My clients love these options so I know you will too. Buy them here


P.S. I am doing a-lot of travel planning and packing for clients… anywhere from Greece to South Africa to Festival weekends. Did you know we offer my travel planning and packing as an Á la carte service? Hit reply and I will send you my list of á la carte services to solve your smaller wardrobe needs.

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