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My Simple Formula For What Trends To Buy (Or Avoid!)

June 25, 2024

I had a great conversation with a client this week about trends… 

We were selecting shoes for her wardrobe and when presented with a pair of Le Monde Beryl Mary Janes she asked me;

“I like them but do you think they will go out of fashion?” 

The simple fact she asked me this question told me that these shoes were not a good investment for her. 

Let me explain, Penny….

You can love something 


You can love the ‘idea’ of something. 

✔️ If love something and you get excited about the future you wearing it, even though you feel ‘pushed’ stylistically, then you know that the item is inherently you… or should I say the future you. 


❌ You see it on other people and think it looks great on them but just can’t imagine wearing it yourself without feeling like you were wearing someone else’s clothes, then don’t invest. 

So instead of asking yourself ‘will this go out of fashion’ ask this instead….

“Will I love wearing it next year?” 

This will tell you whether you will wear something and look like you have ‘style’ 


Whether you will wear something and look like a ‘victim’. 

(a very special shout of to my client Coral who has worn Mary Janes for years and is enjoying exploring the new iterations of a style staple)

Look, we all make mistakes… experimentation is what makes fashion so damn fun and creatively satisfying. 

But to avoid too many (costly) mistakes, I have a simple formula to help you with this. 

When considering your wardrobe for the new season, the gaps and what to invest in, my very simple formula is…

👖 70% wearables 

💎 30% Now-&-Agains (this includes trend items)

➡️ If you have a more classic style preference then maybe you lean more towards 90%/10% 

➡️ And conversely if you have a more creative style preference you might be more 60%/40%

By understanding the tenets of your style and your comfort levels for exploration and experimentation will give you the power to make educated decisions on what to invest in and what to swerve. 

BTW we will work on this in the Style Club

My wardrobe oscillates between needing to update my wearables and the now-&-agains needing a refresh. 

Here’s is what I have my eye on

Have a great week,


P.S. To understand the tenets of your style and make the process of working on your wardrobe easier, faster, more satisfying, you need to join Wearable, the Style Club. Opening to new members at the end of May!! Get on the list!

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