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[Unpopular Opinion] Don’t Buy Into The New Season Hype. Do This Instead

September 14, 2023

This time of year is what the French call la rentrée.

When life resumes post break and when the fashion world and retailers start to enthusiastically promote the next seasons must-haves.

Your social feeds and inbox will be inundated with ‘new season – new you’ temptations.

And I get it, I know it’s tempting…

To want to start again with your wardrobe when the new season comes.

I know this because you are like me…

You value evolution, you are ambitious and want to feel like you are always moving forward, growing but simultaneously feeling more grounded… more like yourself.

And your wardrobe needs to support you

Because what you wear and how you represent yourself is an integral part of the optimism of growth and you having the mindset to achieve your goals.

I’ll be honest, I’ve already starting adding to this season’s wardrobe… I bought a navy jumper from COS that is just the perfect cut, that I know I will live in.

You can see it here 

But how do you know if you are going to live in something or whether you are just giving in to the excitement of an emotional purchase?

What is the difference between what you love and what you are ACTUALLY going to wear?


I know it’s not very sexy and exciting… it’s not as exciting as a beautiful marbled box arriving from Matches with your purchase perfectly wrapped in tissue.

But building a wardrobe you live in is NOT about loving individual items in your wardrobe.

It’s about loving your STYLE and your wardrobe as a whole.

❤️ Fall back in love with your wardrobe and style by doing this…

➡️ Pick your 5 favourite items you love to wear for this season

PLEASE note I did not use the word BASICS… basic clothes will make you feel basic. Think hero pieces, items that you wear and you feel so good in… and that have function

➡️ Now outfit them… bring in your foundations like denim, jackets, closed toe shoes, jewellery etc

➡️ Take a Selfie

➡️ Repeat for all 5 items

🙌 congratulations you have just styled 5 looks!

➡️ What’s missing? Write a list…

…Is it a great pair of knee high flat boots to wear with skirts and dresses

…A coat the keeps you warm and dry

…some statement earrings to lift last seasons knitwear

Whatever it is…these are your new season investments

NOW you have your plan


P.S. I know how many women find doing this overwhelming and time consuming. That is where we come in… we edit, outfit, identify and road map. Beautiful outfits at the click of a button. Book your call here to discover how this process will transform you.

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