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Don’t Shop By Brand – Do This Instead

October 17, 2023

​I was shopping with a client this week to create a winter capsule for her that was fun, pragmatic and effortless…

AND it also had to fit into a suitcase as she is constantly travelling for the next 6 months. 

She is cool and switched on and likes to understand stylistic thinking. 

As she was trying on knitwear she would repeatedly say ‘love this, where is that from?’

And I was repeatedly giving her the same answer. 

And she was surprised… I would never think that THAT would be a brand that I would have so much of in my wardrobe. 

And I get it. 

For her style it is NOT a brand that would first come to mind… or even a brand that she will get excited about telling her friends about. 

BUT it is a brand that cuts for her proportions. 

I know the excitement of owning clothing from brands that resonate with your own personal brand and style (or your ideal style)

And how easy it is to get distracted by the marketing. 

❌ But it’s not the name on the label that makes it 

❌ (OR the size on the label for that matter, my clients have up to 3 sizes in their wardrobes)

✔️ It’s you and how you wear it. 

✔️ And my client wears it well! 

So instead of being influenced by brand stylists… do this instead

💥 Understand your proportions

1. Your Vertical Proportions

  • Are you short waisted or long waisted?

  • Are you short legged or long legged?

  • Do you have a long neck or a short neck?

2. Your Horizontal Proportions

  • Do you have broad shoulders or narrow?

  • Do you have a proportionately larger bust or small?

  • Does your waist go in or not?

  • Does your mid section allow you to tuck in or not?

  • Are your hips straight or round?

  • Is you bum peachy or more of a pancake?

  • Do you have thicker thighs/calves/ankles or narrower? 

💥 And you should also know our colouring. 

✔️ If you know all this information…

You will be able to find what you need on the shop floor because you become laser focused on what will work regardless of the label. 

❌ If you don’t… 

You are searching blind and letting the smoke and mirror marketeers distract you from your goal of having a beautiful AND functional wardrobe you love. 

I KNOW this is hard… If it was easy I wouldn’t have a career! 

To give you some generalised help, I have put a selection together here. 

Don’t compromise. It is making you unhappy. 


P.S. Antonia, Nadyia and I are proportion and colour experts. We would love to help you understand and apply stylist thinking to your wardrobe. Book your free 20 minute consultation here. 

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