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Struggling To Put Outfits Together Right Now? This Is Why.

June 25, 2024

I have a love hate relationship with this time of year, Penny.

The lighter mornings and the anticipation of summer fills me with joy… but navigating what to wear when it’s not warm enough to leave the house without layers is annoying. 

And the schizophrenic weather means you need to be prepared for anything… and everything. 

I left the house this morning with sunglasses on and now out of my window is full on sideways rain. 

And I know you struggle too… I’ve been back to back with clients over the past few weeks so time for writing my newsletter has been non-existent. 

So what do you wear when you are SO ready to shed the layers and break free from the chrysalis of winter to enjoy spring summer dressing but the weather is taking so long to catch up? 

Try this 2 + 2 method

2 items from your ‘Autumn Winter’ wardrobe 

2 items from your ’Spring Summer’ wardrobe

Example Outfit Formulas

  1. knitted dress + trench coat, loafers (with your favourite socks)
  2. wool trousers, boots + fine gauge cotton knit, suede jacket
  3. leggings, long line double faced coat + heavy cotton T-shirt, ballet flats
  4. boots, cashmere knit + cotton skirt, field jacket

And extra points for any of these items being ‘water resistant’. 

For this to work you need to…

✔️ identify those items that get to graduate… that you wore in autumn winter that, paired with lighter fabrications, can then be worn in spring summer. 

✔️ understand your outfit formulas and have these items in lighter fabrications and or lighter colours 

✔️ acknowledge you will be layering and de-layering.

And know that warmer days are upon us. 

Want to know what to invest in? Click here.


P.S. The time and effort it takes to work all this out can be removed from your life by clicking here. My client this week said to me “Today was so fun! I don’t know how you do it but THANK GOD you do”. Don’t you think it’s time you had more fun with your wardrobe?

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